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20 Second Fitness

It had to happen.  We were just discussing the Tabata high intensity workout regime  in these pages –  and what did I see on late night TV  “The 20Second Fitness” workout Infomercial.   Could  hardly believe it.  (I was traveling and the hotel TV is usually background noise when I am getting ready for bed.  This background caught my attention.)

Made some notes to check it out later.  And of course the ubiquitous UTube video clips made that task easier.

The TV Infomercial made it all sound like “20 seconds a day is all you need…….”.  By the time you’ve checked out a couple UTube clips (posted by the “creator” of the program), you are seeing/hearing comments like  “8 – 12 minutes  day”.  

The theory of this program is to work at your own highest level of intensity, break down a lot of muscle fibers so that you are burning more calories (“9 times the amount of an hour or cardio”) and burning calories the rest of the day.  It makes sense that someone would take the Tabata method and turn it into a program for the masses.

Have to say it appears to have  been made into a real program –  beyond  just the  guidelines we have discussed on this page.  For beginners there is a two-week warm-up program before starting the really intense stuff.   The workouts are varied and focus on muscle groups and/or cardio, depending on the workout.   The program comes with exercise bands, video instruction, a food guide and a calendar to track progress.  The Infomercial price was around $120 (6 easy payments……), and included access to the members only site (of course).  I noticed $99.99 on the 20second.com website.

Many of you may have seen articles and  advertising for this by now – it is suddenly all over the social networks.   Since we had recently been talking about it, I thought I would bring the latest development.

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