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Further Caution on the Lap Band Surgery

(I rarely get on a soapbox – but this is important.)   A while back I wrote about – and linked to – an article in the LA Times that raised the alarm on  a specific clinic with dubious credentials that offered (and offers) Lap Band surgery.   February 22nd 2010.   Sadly someone had died. 

Yet in the weeks and months that followed I continued to see the HUGE billboards  all over Southern California, advertising that very same clinic.  KFI  (AM 640) was running ads for this clinic and the Ads stated that one could get one’s PPS insurance provider to pay for the surgery.  I would get mad each time I saw the billboard or heard the Ad!  (Shame on KFI for not even reading the information on the clinic available in  their local newspaper!)  “John and Ken” – how about taking up a real issue for a change  –  draw attention to this clinic which is I believe headed up by ex-surgeons……

      “The people who have been behind this ad campaign and the clinic ………. are brothers Julian and Michael Omidi. The California medical board revoked Julian’s medical license last year, retroactive to 2007. The medical board placed Michael on three years’ probation in 2008.”

Nothing prevents these ex-doctors from funding others  – and it would seem they attract surgeons who match their code of ethics.  I am wrtiting about this because finally 

      “A second death linked by a coroner’s report to the weight-loss surgery performed at a Beverly Hills clinic may prompt state regulators to take a closer look at the procedures marketed by TopSurgeons….”.

It took a Second Death to  -maybe – get the attention of State Regulators !!    With luck this blog post  will come to mind when a friend/family member mentions any of the following – “TopSurgeons; 1-800-Lap-Band; 1-800-Get-Thin; Beverley Hills Surgery Center (9001 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 106); Lap Band Surgery…..”  etc.

For the full story on the recent events, and more details, see the LA TImes column from December 19, 2010

Jumping off the SoapBox now.   More upbeat posts coming soon…..

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