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Put Down that Geiger Counter —

—–   The Reality of the Radiation Threat and Ways of dealing with it. 

There are as many opinions about the radiation threat from the Japan Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster as there are Experts and Pseudo-experts vying for some airtime.   The official guideline is that the amount of radioactive material coming across from Japan is minute and not a threat.  

I have spent much of the last week reading and researching as much as possible on the topic.  And whilst I don’t advocate any remedies, I present you with the results of my research and leave you to make your own best decisions. 

Hopefully this summary and highlight of the findings will be helpful and if nothing else reduce your stress levels on the topic of radiation  –  not because I tell you there is no threat, but rather because I am here to help you help yourself by suggesting how to build your immune system to combat any radiation that may make its way to your area. 

The reason for the title this week is that I keep hearing about people with Geiger Counters at the ready, who are poised to pop those Potassium Iodide tablets as soon as the reading spikes.  I am here to tell you that it is not the single blast of radiation that kills you – rather it is the accumulation of small amounts in the body that builds over a long  time.  And even the radiation by itself is not the culprit – it is radiation accompanied by stress (of worrying about radiation and everything else), and the general toxicity we live in with along with a poor diet that fails to protect us. (Are you getting the picture?) 

If this paragraph surprises you – believe me it surprised me as well.   I went looking for the research that would confirm that the amounts  of radioactive particles reaching the USA are so small as to be totally harmless.  Instead I came across Dr John Apsley, with 30 years in cancer research (Bio is below) who turned my understanding on its head.    He and other researchers are  stating that though the amount of radiation reaching the USA is indeed small it is not to be considered harmless.  

You don’t need to worry about acute spikes in radiation which are fleeting, since few will ever experience such an event. You should be concerned about tiny scattered particles that settle into our tissues undetected, and not worry about amounts sufficient to trigger Geiger Counter alarms going off at airport check stations. The tiny amounts of exposure which are more likely to occur, give off constant ionizing radiation that burns us at the molecular level over many years before causing a diagnosable issue. Dr. Apsley warned that “there is really no safe level of radiation” and lamented that, since it has a half-life of 25,000 years, it is “constantly emitting destructive effects upon our cells” once inside the body.  

Dr Apsley also confirmed what has to some extent been discussed in the mainstream media about Potassium Iodide – 

a) that it protects only the Thyroid; 

b) that the radioactive particles consist of a few different  metals not  just Iodine and each affects different organs; 

c) that Potassium Iodide suppresses our own Thyroid functioning, particularly for the over 45 demographic, leaving one with Thyroid problems for the remainder of one’s life. 

The major radioactive metals from the Nuclear plant are Iodine. Cesium, Strontium-90 , Uranium-235/234 and Plutonium-244.  The important things to note: 

“Over the long term, Cesium-137 will concentrate in the fatty tissues, Iodine-131 in the thyroid gland, breast tissues and ovaries, Strontium-90 and Uranium-235/234 in the bone, and Uranium-235/234 and Plutonium-244 in the liver.” 

However, we can and need to protect ourselves from this build up.  Loading up on Potassium Iodide will do little; but building up your immune system overall will counteract any buildup from the particles that could settle in cells and tissues.   Dr Apsley’s research into cellular regeneration points to the body’s ability to build up the immune system and protect us. 

“Dr. John Apsley has been involved with clinical research specializing in cellular regeneration and accelerated wound repair for the past 30 years. In 1995 he perfected a unique and novel rapid regenerative electrical acupuncture technique.” 

Dr Apsley praised the benefits of kelp as a means of warding off the damage of radiation and shared the tale of two different Japanese hospitals which were about one mile away from the atomic blasts of World War II. One hospital used all natural seaweed and vegetables and the other used commercial foods. In the former institution, “virtually 100 percent” of the people lived, while, in the latter hospital, all of the people died. 

To protect ourselves and our cells it is the healthy diet rich in vegetables (earth and sea vegetables) plus some additional items that Dr Apsley identifies, that are beneficial for a strong immune system now and over the long term.  You can be healthy regardless of stress, toxins and even the radiation. 

Dr Apsley’s research and writings on regeneration have been aimed at curing cancer, and his results have been encouraging to excellent.  His recent radio interview and his website outline how this same regeneration at the cellular level will help ward off any ill-effects of the radiation and radiation build up. 

I have included some excerpts from his recommendations for short and long term regeneration and protection.  See the inserts.  And here is a link to a page on his site. 

I have included some excerpts from his recommendations for short and long term regeneration and protection.  See the inserts.  

Short term Antidotes

Antidote 2 of 3

Antidote 3 of 3











 And here is a link to a page on his site


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