I have been pretty active all my life.  And despite being fit, I had also always been just that little bit overweight – at boarding school more than a little – and once I was very skinny for a about a year.

So reaching 35, and having spent years trying a variety of diets that let me be thinner for a few months or a couple of years, and then those few annoying pounds would come back again, I figured I needed something different.   I decided to try weight-lifting and see if the guy who told me “it was the only way to change one’s body shape”, was correct or blowing smoke…..  That was the beginning of a revelation – and the beginning of my love of body-building.


I have added to my education through a variety of fitness courses, formal nutrition classes at UCLA, practical workshops in technique and on-the-job experience – as a competitor and as a personal trainer both for a gym and privately under mentors.   One thing I did learn, is that just knowing how to perform an exercise is not enough  – knowing how to do it right is necessary, and knowing how to do it better is the best.  This latter knowledge is what I call “street smarts” – the tips and secrets you may hear only here; and once you know, it raises the workout to a new level. 

This blog is all about advice for working out, and about supporting women in their goals to improve health or get to that next level of fitness.   I love to help people train better, reach fitness goals or simply stay healthy.  I write my blog posts to  achieve this end – offering valuable information.  Let me know your thoughts or ask questions.