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13 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

The Athletic Training Pyramid

I wish I had thought of this, the Pyramid, it makes so much sense.  Conditioning gurus view athletic training as a pyramid.  They use it for football players, surfers, runners, cyclists (I’ll bet Lance knows all about this) to make sure the athletes get to and stay at the top of their game.  The pyramid […]

21 June 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Stretching for Boomers

In a recent Tweet I said June would be the month to focus on stretching tips.  Well we are still in June, so this is just in time.   Summer is the time we think about getting to the beach or the BBQ or the County Fair – so we want to work out and get […]

10 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Always Learning Something New

Today I am sore. I am excited. I used muscles I had been avoiding; and at least I am admitting that here. When it comes to body-building, I love sharing, and I love learning – and this week it was learning. Because I had a recent birthday, my Gym offered me a session with a […]

02 April 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Arms and the Woman

I had to check the date on my LA Times newspaper  –  figured I must have come across an old one I had somehow stashed.    Yes it was definitely 2009, and in the photo the first lady had dark hair and dark skin.  So was I really reading that “many women still believe that if […]